Blogger: Post was not saved due to form errors

Generally what happens is that people save their posts in draft form, usually in a Word document file. When they actually plan for publishing/posting the same, they just open their Word file, copy the text content and paste it in their New Post section. It's here where they encounter the following message: "Post was not saved due to form errors"

I tried Google but couldn’t get much help. Anyways, I now have a solution that worked for me.

Click on the Edit HTML tab, which is adjacent to the Compose tab (shown in the above figure). As soon as you open the Edit HTML tab, you will find a different error message (as shown below):

i.e., "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: META"

In the above page, search for the word META. You will definitely find that word.

As you can see above, I have highlighted the area which contains the word META. Select & remove that area from your page. Check whether the error message has gone. If yes, then it's fine otherwise search further in the same page. Wherever you find the word META, you will have its closing block as well i.e., 


Search for all such blocks and remove them. Once these are removed, the META error will vanish. The work is not over yet (at least in my case, it wasn't). Now another error message shows up. :)

No need to panic. Take a long deep breath and read further.

This time, the message is "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: LINK" 

Search for the word LINK and remove the LINK blocks in the same way as you did above for META blocks. In the figure below, you might notice that I have removed few other blocks as well that came between LINK blocks. You may or may not remove them. It's not going to matter in any way.

Once you are done with this, you will finally see that there are no more errors. 

That's it. We are done.

Note: This was all about how you can remove error messages. By the way, if you want to avoid them in the first place, just copy your text content in a Notepad, and then paste it in your New Post section in Blogger.

So, was this post useful? Please let me know your thought on this.


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