Using configuration (conf) file in Perl

Very recently, I decided to convert few Windows batch scripts to Perl. It was mainly because of two reasons - I wanted to have a feel of Perl scripting and that code changes are easier to implement in Perl.

Well, the old Windows script was mainly responsible for compiling, signing and packaging the code. The compilation was done for x86, x64 (EM-64T) & IA64 family. For all these types, different environment settings were required. For ex., LIB, LIBPATH etc. have different values for x86, x64 & IA64. Now the old batch scripts simply used to call different batch files (vcvars32.bat, vcvarsx86_amd64.bat & vcvarsx86_ia64.bat) to set the environment variables depending on the family/platform type. The problem was that I couldn't call these batch files in my Perl script because their values were not getting captured in the Perl’s process. Now since there were many different key-value pairs for different family types (x86, x64 & IA64), I thought, going for a config file would be a cleaner approach than putting those key-value pairs in my main script.