Quality of food by Antz Mine Hospitality (AMH) at EON Cafeteria

When Symantec shifted to EON IT park, I was excited to try out the new caterer but the excitement fizzled out in less than a month. Symantec had its own caterer at its old facility but at EON, from what i came to know, companies cannot have their own catering facility. Antz Mine Hospitality (AMH) is the caterer here at EON IT Park. As it happens with most of the caterers, AMH too served tasty food for the first 10-15 days and then started providing what they actually had to provide. After observing them for the last few months, I can say that AMH believes in consistency and that’s the reason the change (read degradation) in quality of food was not sudden. Consistently degrading the quality of food is what they truly believe in. They know that sudden changes are easily noticeable. I distinctly remember the tasty Idli-Sambar they used to serve when they started services at EON. I used to have it almost every day in my evening snacks. Unfortunately, I also remember the instances when I used to have Idli-Sambar a month after their operation at EON. Instead of Idli-Sambar, it looked more like Idli-Water (obviously with some color in it otherwise how will it look like sambar). I haven’t eaten Idli-Sambar since then. It’s not that I didn’t bring it to their notice. I did but to no avail.

MacroDef task - The way Apache Ant implements code reuse

Few months ago, I was modifying a script created by someone and a new requirement needed some copy operations besides few other changes. While I was about to add the new block of code, I noticed that there were many similar blocks already present in the script for publishing binaries to a remote server. Those code blocks were really looking dirty. A cleaner approach was needed. MacroDef was required!