Unethical practice by HDFC: Linking your account to VRM feature (chargeable) without your consent

A month ago, i was enjoying a cup of tea at my friend's place. After few sips, i checked my FB account. By chance, i came across the following article published by 'The Logical Indian' (TLI):


Since the article's headline was about HDFC charging some hidden fee, i got curious. As i was going through the details, i noticed the keywords 'Virtual Relationship Manager' and that's when i realized that i definitely came across one such email few days ago. The above article talks about a mail sent by HDFC where they are informing and silently imposing a nominal fee of Rs.100 (per quarter per customer ID) by associating user's account with a feature known as Virtual Relationship Manager (VRM). I had given a fleeting glance to the email which was originally sent to me on 9th Jan'17 and i didn't bother to go through the fine print at that time. All i assumed was that it's a new feature for those with preferred banking account. After reading TLI's post, i read the fine print of the email and i was taken aback. HDFC is one bank that i thought was more transparent in its fee structure than others. I was wrong! How can a bank impose fee for a new program without taking customer's explicit consent!?!

TVF, प्यार और मटर-पनीर

आज खाना खाते समय उस भूल का एहसास हुआ जो बरसों से करता आ रहा था। एक ऐसी घटना घटी जिसने मुझे कुछ सोचने पे मजबूर कर दिया। खाना खा रहा था और laptop पे TVF का एक video देख रहा था. रोटी के कोर मटर-पनीर में डूब के बाहर निकलते और फिर कब मैं उन्हें खा ले रहा था, ये पता नहीं चलता क्यूंकि सामने video चल रहा था। 

Encash the tariff war opportunity

Around 1st Mar'17, i received a call from Vodafone and the lady told me that Vodafone is offering a plan with 6 GB monthly data without any extra charge. Though i was happy to hear this but i was little skeptical too so i asked her to confirm and i asked twice. Fortunately, it was 'yes' both the times so i asked her to activate the new plan. When my billing period started, i received an SMS and that's when i realized i was being charged extra Rs.50 for this new plan. To vent out my frustration, i dropped a love letter to Vodafone and they immediately called me up. I directly asked them to restore my old plan but they told me that they cannot promise the same old benefits that i was getting in that plan (600 Local/STD mins and 3 GB data). I was like, एक तो यहाँ office का workload और अब यहाँ बैठे-बैठे एक नया स्याप्पा! I instantly applied for a port-out request. I again received a call but this time, Vodafone seemed in a 'Happy to help' you mode. I now have a new plan with lifetime validity of 10 GB data/month and unlimited calling. Love you Vodafone! :P